Happy (?) Birthday America!

Women Protest Across America


America, Happy Birthday, you bitch.

You proud daughter of colonialism’s grand master.


What independence are we celebrating? Who today is free?

Last week you spat on an entire crew of ladies and on me.

Today, guns have more rights than you, me, and we.


Just a few years before, you threw me for a loop.

The electoral college threw democracy into a hoop.


So wish a happy birthday to the land of the free?

Oh say can you see, and smell the hypocrisy?


Your hereditary disease shows

Indeed the venom now in your spawn grows


I cannot forget. With weapons and disease

And cloaked in your Christianity

On sacred land, you decimated the native humanity

And in your next breath imprisoned a whole race.


Here today, I celebrate a failed executive coup

And mourn a successful judicial overthrow


The work of our mothers thrown by the wayside.

What is this place? For what do you feel pride?


Oh say can you see? Here, only money is free!

Get some and buy a piece of our special country.


With enough money,

A senator, a judge, or a lobbyist.

Throw a party, grow a position,

Enough people will drink your poison.


For years, two hundred and forty-six,

Your banner of red and blue hides a darker hue.

No, today I can not with the country a happy day

I cannot celebrate while so many women

Wish to live and anticipate real liberty.


    • Ooof! Unfortunately, this is much more than a mood. It is the slow decline of democracy in this country…though hope is still here though a bit hard to smell recently!

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