A Contemplation at Gear Shifts

At the very start of 2022, I am full of reflections on the year past and ambitions for the new year ahead. The year behind us was filled with changes for me. I left the JET program which brought me to Japan. I left Tokyo to roam in tourist-free Kyoto early last year which refreshed my love of slower-paced living. Then, I returned to Tokyo as an adjunct professor for Temple University. I taught remotely for the fall so I could return to North America for a visit to family & friends. I made it to meet my niece just as she turned one! I met with my bereaved cousins in Calgary and a new cousin-in-law in Toronto.

Along the way to the Americas from Japan, I stopped in Hawaii. This place, the Big Island, just floored me with its beauty. Perhaps it was the water vistas or the flowers everywhere. The wild horses in Waipio or the monk seal that happened to be up on the beach. Everywhere I turned, it felt like magic. When I left, I dreamt about Hawaii. I could not shake the idea that I must go back.

Hawaii is quite literally my definition of paradise. I just could not resist returning. I am making a home here, bit by bit. I see 2022 as a year to dig deep, create roots, and live in the community. My hopes center around working on two arts in a creative, inspiring place. In the coming year, I hope to share my two arts: writing and floral designs touched with some magic from this place.

Until then, I am literally changing gears in a beater around the big Island of Hawaii. My first car in over 4 years is bringing about lots of learnings. I bring on my journey both gratitude and compassion. Through my love for nature, and never-ending love for adventure have brought me to the fulfillment of many life dreams. The momentum is giving me force to chase more.

From a place that feels so full, I wish you all the best on your journey in 2022. Thank you for reading!

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