A Time for Pining

Path of the Gods
Seaside Vista

In reflection, that last trip before COVID lockdowns took effect feels even sweeter. In reminiscing about travel, I find a new way to enjoy the trips I have taken.

An Italian vacation, with a lover in tow, a dream come true! Driving from Naples to Sicily, taking a few days in scenic stops along the way feels a bit like peeling an orange. Holding this beautiful fruit, and digging my nails into it, and letting juices seep out. In this way, slowly, I ate through Italy’s coast.

I was lucky to get to Italy in February 2020. I was even luckier to be able to leave. I was in disbelief during the first three days of the official lockdown in Milan. I did not anticipate that this would happen all over the world.

Entering Japan on March 11 was the first time, I was grateful for bureaucracy. I got to return to my life in Tokyo while the doors, gates, and borders slammed shut.

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